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TomahawkHotels.co.uk is a free guide to hotels in Yorkshire. The guide has been developed with an aim to help Yorkshire visitors find the best accommodation to suit both their needs and budget. In all the largest towns and cities including Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Kingston upon Hull and York, to mention only a few.

In addition to a guide to top 3 hotels in particular towns/cities, Tomahawk also provides general information and suggestions on things to see and do while staying in a particular town/city.


Bradford is a thriving city and a very popular tourist destination, attracting more and more visitors who love exploring its many attractions. The city hasn't managed to recover completely from the decline of the textile industry in the mid-20th century, however, both large companies and small business owners have recognised the opportunities offered by the de-industrialisation process.


Doncaster, the historic market town on the River Don has always enjoyed the status of major strategic importance. It witnessed the rise and fall of many industries through the centuries but it continued to grow and develop thanks to its excellent links with the rest of the country, especially via its waterways.


Halifax is no longer one of England's leading wool production centres but it is home to a diversity of industries. And it is also home to a number of historic landmarks, family attractions, sporting events, performing arts centres and a myriad of other points of interests.

Kingston upon Hull

The UK City of Culture for 2017, Kingston upon Hull, commonly referred to simply as Hull is very popular with both domestic and foreign travellers. And many of them like to stay in the city for at least a few days to explore and experience its main attractions. The majority of Hull visitors are looking only for a clean room with a comfortable bed but there are also those who are a little bit more demanding. TomahawkHotels has therefore made a selection of Hull hotels for both budget travellers and luxury lovers alike.


The city of Leeds is home to a number of fine hotels which can suit the needs of even the most demanding guests. We have selected three we think you will enjoy staying at no matter if you are visiting Leeds for business or pleasure.


Middlesbrough is visited by a growing number of visitors who are attracted to this industrial town on the River Tees by both business and leisure activities. Luckily, there are many hotels to suit a wide range of needs and preferences; there are world-class luxury hotels for the most discerning travellers, inexpensive yet decent hotels for a little bit more budget conscious visitors, and everything in between.


Rotherham is the economic centre of the neighbouring suburban areas, especially the town centre which is also home to exciting shops and boutiques, bars, cafes and restaurants, public squares and a number of visitor attractions, both historic and cultural.


Sheffield has one of the fastest growing economies in the country. It may not be as popular tourist destination as some other UK cities but a growing number of travellers are discovering the city's rich history, heritage and a wealth of attractions to meet just about everyone's interests.


York is a very popular tourist destination. And if the city centre will be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site (the bid was submitted in 2010), it will be visited by even a larger number of travellers. Luckily, there are plenty of fine hotels to meet just about any traveller's needs although the finest ones are not particularly budget-friendly.